Jaisalmer City

Jaisalmer is one of the best destinations for tourists in Rajasthan. It is nicknamed “The Golden City” because of the great Thar Desert spread all over the city. It is a romantic and exotic city as it has many ornate “Havelis” and forts. The city is very rich in culture and traditional values. It is now a world heritage site.
Some decades back, it was not a very popular place but now every tourist whether Indian or foreigner who visits Rajasthan, definitely visits this city of art. There are many places which attract the tourists.

History and Havelis

Historical monuments are strewn all over this city but Jaisalmer Fort stands alone and commands attention before any other place. It is built of sand stones and is a unique architecture in itself. Back in the 12th century, there were many royal people who lived in Havelis. Some of those havelis have made it till now like “Salimjiki Haveli”and “Nathmal ji ki Haveli” are the most splendid ones. There are also many Jain temples and lakes to visit in this city.
Since the city is very close to the Pakistan border, one will notice a little bit of Urdu influence in the local language. This makes the sanctity of the place even better.

What to eat :
Rajasthani dishes and sweets

What to see :
Havelis, Forts, Thar Desert, Jain temples, lakes, India-Pakistan border, Jaisalmer fort

What to take away :
Traditionally printer dress materials, anklets and jewelry

When to visit :

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