Khajuraho City

Khajuraho Group of monuments is a world heritage site, located near Jhansi in Madhya Pradesh. The temples are famous for their nagra style architecture and erotic sculptures all over the temples. Earlier there were around 85 main temples but only 25 could make it to the present. There are temples made up of granite and grained sand stone. The temples are a true example of rich art and tradition of the earlier Indian rulers. These monuments are world famous and people from all over the globe come to witness the extremely fine art skills and stone work of Indian workers.

Exotic carvings and more

The place has always been an attraction point for not only tourists but also for the archaeologists. There are some main temples of Hindu deities and rest are small temples with erotic sculptures carved on their exterior walls. These temples are considered as the finest stone work architectures found so far across the world. The temples are dedicated to not only Hinduism but also Jainism. This shows respect and a harmonious perspective that existed among Hindus and Jains in earlier times.

What to eat :
Mostly vegetarian dishes

What to see :
Khajuraho temples and artefacts, Jain temples

What to take away :
Mini-sculptures of gods and goddesses, religious trinkets

When to visit :
Autumn and Winter

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