Kolkata City

Kolkata- the Land of Joy, Sweets and Heritage
The city of Kolkata is a place that always seems to effuse an ambience of joy and happiness. Being the very first British colony, the city is dotted with architecture influenced hugely by the West. The Victoria Memorial and Fort William are classic examples of this that stand tall in attracting a lot of tourists. As dusk falls, Kolkata lights up presenting a picture that is as pretty as a postcard. No, much prettier than that. A visit to this land of sweets is incomplete without a trip to the famous Howrah Bridge. Engineered to amaze the world, this is said to be the busiest bridge in the world that spans across the river Hooghly.

Artists, temples and Holiday destinations

Being the birthplace of talented artists who have left a mark in history, it is the home to various buildings of scholastic importance. The Writing Building that is the Government Secretariat today is definitely worth a visit. Notable temples and churches are also scattered throughout the city. With so many feathers on its hat, Kolkata is a place that has to be chosen for sightseeing when planning quite a long holiday to imbibe and appreciate what truly lies there.

What to eat :
Sweets, sea food especially prawns and crabs

What to see :
Howrah Bridge, Victoria Memorial, Fort William, Writing Building, Churches and temples

What to take away :
Sweets of all kinds

When to visit :
Autumn and Winter

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