The Land of Moksha
Welcome to one of the most vibrant places in the world; the holy town of Varanasi. Considered to be holy by the Hindus, it is at times referred to as Benares or Kasi. According to Hindu traditions, it is believed to be the most auspicious place to die. This is becausepeople have faith in the fact that it offers liberation from rebirth (moksha) and dissolves away one’s sins. People flock here to cremate their loved ones. This is yet another holy town on the banks of river Ganges.

Places to interest

A boat ride down the river especially at dawn is a soulful experience.Sarnath, the birthplace of Buddhism, where Buddha preached his very first sermon is a holy place to visit for Buddhists. Varanasi is a strictly vegetarian town owing to its spiritual importance for both the Hindus as well as Buddhists. As a place that has more floating populations than constant ones, many affordable hotels are available.
As with any town of religious importance, Varanasi is a place to shop for various religious artefacts. Also, the Benares Hindu University located here is one of the top training centres for imparting quality education. Opt for the spring or autumn season to visit this town for a better experience.

What to eat :
Vegetarian dishes of all kinds

What to see :
Sarnath Temple, BHU

What to take away :
Religious trinkets and amulets, religious artefacts

When to visit :
Spring or Autumn
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